We are human performance experts.

We exist to reduce risk for our clients and to improve their ROI in people and technology.


ADEPTCentral methodologies are agnostic to industry, vertical and business unit because we employ best practice in industrial / organizational psychology across the common areas of human performance, data science, operational management, and adult learning.

We measure and improve performance in any environment whether you are attempting to deploy safety processes on a manufacturing floor, increase software revenue through improved user adoption, or scale performance of your sales or marketing team.


Creating better outcomes for our clients is our passion.

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Achieve results in as little as 3 days.


ADEPTCentral 3-day Readiness Workshops allow our human performance experts to conduct in-depth analysis based on discussions with key stakeholders and custom analytics we derive specifically for your organization.


After our workshop, you will receive:


  1. Assessment of organizational readiness and risk

  2. Impact analysis, including identifying measures for success

  3. Detailed adoption roadmap and recommended next steps


Our leadership.


Kasem Mohsen

                                                  Kasem Mohsen is responsible for providing overall executive                                                    leadership, driving strategic vision, and spearheading                                                             business development and client partnerships. Mohsen has 15                                              years of experience in performance improvement and organizational development across a broad swath of industries, both public and private. He has been responsible for designing and managing over $200M of successful performance analytics solutions for some of the world's largest organizations, including the US Department of Defense and UK Ministry of Defence.

A data  scientist by trade, Mohsen has a passion for illuminating trends and extracting intelligence in order to drive transformational positive change. As an entrepreneur, Mohsen has led partnerships with world renowned institutions to reduce physician error in over 100 countries, including a startup acquired by WebMD in 2010 that developed a strategic partnership with Johns Hopkins to increase the competency of medical personnel in rural Africa when treating HIV/AIDS and related diseases. His most recent startup work focused on reducing carbon footprint in agriculture and improving drought resistance in California using the Internet of Things. 

Mohsen holds degrees in Data Technology & Information Systems, Applied Ethics and a Masters of Applied Science in Technology Management from University of Denver.


Kathleen Bot

VP, Human Performance

                                                    Kathleen Bot is responsible for leading the direction of                                                         ADEPTCentral human capital solutions and supporting                                                           business development and client partnerships. She has 17                                                    years of experience working with academic institutions, private enterprises, and government agencies in identifying sustainable solutions that address performance and employee development holistically, aligning people and key programs with business goals. Bot's passion is in helping organizations create strategic human capital development programs that result in behavioral changes that impact organizational Key Performance Indicators.

Prior to her role at ADEPTCentral, she acted as Human Performance Consultant for the Department of Defense, working on various organizational development initiatives at the Navy's Personnel Development Command as well as Recruit Training Command. Bot also played an integral role in the creation and execution of an evaluation plan to measure the effectiveness of the Navy's Revolution in Training. She has a deep understanding of how to identify and eliminate organizational inefficiencies as well as to develop robust performance management solutions that achieve business goals.


Bot holds a Masters of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.


Creative Director

Jill Martine

                                                 Jill Martine is responsible for the creative direction of client                                                  solutions. She drives artistic vision, instructional approach and                                              best practice to ensure ADEPTCentral clients receive the most                                              engaging and effective deliverables for their needs.  Martine has spent 13 years designing content experiences tailored to both audience needs and stakeholder requirements. Martine’s passion is to identify gaps in performance and then write, design, and deliver real-life, scenario-based content experiences that enable people to perform better.

Martine has worked as a communications consultant for over a decade and across a variety of industries including information technology, finance and education. Most recently at Wells Fargo, Martine led efforts to improve the accessibility of critical finance and human resource documentation and communication assets for end consumers. 

Martine has a Master of Technical and Scientific Communication degree from Miami University of Ohio and a BA in Communications from University of Northern Iowa.


Laurence Lloyd

Director, Learning Development


                                                    Laurence Lloyd leads the development of ADEPTCentral                                                     learning solutions. His expertise in a broad range of                                                                development tools ensures that ADEPTCentral can respond                                                 flexibly to client needs across a variety of disparate projects. He enjoys working closely with clients to discover their vision and actualize it into educationally sound and measurable learning experiences.


Lloyd has created engaging learning solutions for numerous organizations across the private, public and non-profit sectors, including Nationwide Insurance, the North Texas Food Bank, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  Lloyd’s prior background is in higher education, primarily working to align the curricula of core college courses to those of select high school courses, allowing unique and free college credit options for successful high school students. He has organized certified professional development opportunities for high school and college teachers, and has led classroom sessions in a variety of settings.


Lloyd has a B.A. in Psychology from Baylor University.

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