The reason most IT projects fail?

Hint: it's not technology.

Your implementation success relies on the performance of your people.


Of all the reasons IT projects fail, 97% have to do with humans while only 3% are due to technical failures.


ADEPTCentral are human performance experts, with deep expertise in industrial-organizational psychology, learning and data science. Our adoption programs enable your organization to reduce the human sources of risk by:


  • Creating and executing a tailored organizational adoption plan

  • Collecting critical adoption success metrics in real-time

  • Communicating change and gaining organizational buy-in

  • Building critical skills that enable continuous improvement

Reasons IT Projects Fail


Achieve results in as little as 3 days.


ADEPTCentral 3-day Readiness Workshops allow our human performance experts to conduct in-depth analysis based on discussions with key stakeholders and custom analytics we derive specifically for your organization.


After our workshop, you will receive:


  1. Assessment of organizational readiness and risk

  2. Impact analysis, including identifying measures for success

  3. Detailed adoption roadmap and recommended next steps

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